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Wisdom Words


Spiritual Lingos


Ability – is one potential.
Acceptance – willfully understanding the person or situation.
Ambition – is the desired conquest of an individual
Assertive – the ability to handle things efficiently, while maintaining good character.
Attitude – a temporary emotional way of being.
Attraction – a power that grabs your attention.
Being – is who a person really is.
Brave – having the continual mentality of a person who is courageous.
Character – a person’s principle ways of being and personality.
Camaraderie – is the unity of people enjoying one another’s company.
Compassion – choosing to understand a person’s state of being.
Confidence – knowing one has the ability to achieve what’s desired.
Courage – taking rightful action when situations become difficult.
Desire – a want that is fulfilling and strongly appreciated.
Diligence – persistent effort.
Discipline – allowing and not allowing oneself certain behavioral patterns.
Discretion – having sound judgment for others appeasement.
Divine Higher Energy – power that has all power of your life.
Drive - a persistent yearning to achieve.
Emotions – the concentration of thought pattern that is currently in thought/power.
Enthusiasm – the brightness of a person’s character.
Experience – through one’s personal involvement, the knowledge that is obtained.
Faith – Belief of something that is not presently so.
Focus – concentrating on subject matter for allotted time.
Freedom – is the act of being, without other consideration.
Grateful – appreciating anything or anyone in life.
Growth – is the process of maturation closer to your Divine Higher Energy.
Happiness – in the state of continual euphoria.
Health – the make-up a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being.
Honesty – the ability to state what is perceived to be for oneself or others.
Hope – the belief in something that is not currently present.
Humility – one’s ability to learn new things in the sight of others wisdom.
Humbleness – one’s ability to act with a wrongful ego.
Imagination – the ability to create.
Individuality – each person’s own uniqueness.  
Influence – one’s impact on self & others.
Integrity – Keeping your word.
Intuition – something known instinctively.
Justice – Is the fair way to be.
Knowledge – information.
Lifewish – is the primary purpose of one’s existence.
Love – acknowledgement and gratitude for oneself and others.
Meditation – the act of consciously focusing all of your listening to your Divine Higher Energy.
Mentorship – the act of teaching so others will learn.
Motivation – the drive and action pursuing one’s goals.
Need – necessary for life.
Open-Mindedness – the accepting of something, sometimes not usually believed by oneself.
Patient – the ability to wait or act without anxiety.
Peaceful – possessing the quality of clarity.  A.k.a. Serene
Perceptions – is the opinion one holds. Perseverance – one’s continual action.
Positive – In a mind state of gratitude.
Purity – to have your Divine Higher Energy’s intentions.
Prayer – Is the act of directly communicating with your Divine Higher Energy Source.  Best done alone, and carefully.
Quest – task of desirable completion.
Rest – quieting oneself.
Righteousness – acting on the will of your Divine Higher Energy’s Order.
Serenity – Being in a continual state of clarity, inner peace.
Spirituality – a person’s energy way of being.
Strive – the action of one’s internal drive.
Strength – having many important components of rightful living.
Thoughts – are ideas that use mental activity.
Tolerance – the continual understanding of an undesirable person or circumstance.
Trust – is the knowing of faith.
Unity – the common thread which unites people together.
Vision – is the intuitive collection of thoughts that may create an opportunity.
Want – a short term desirability.
Willingness – the act of trying.
Wisdom – following your Divine Higher Energy Source’s Will.


Body Lingos


Note:  The terms are described in a physical sense, though they may be used for other purposes, like describing a person’s spiritual or mental make-up.


Bangin – Meaning that one finds you very attractive.  Exp.  Yo last night I saw dis girl, she’s bangin bro.  (That’s one heck of a compliment).

Beautiful – implying that the girl is attractive in mind, body, and spirit.

Body Fat – amount of adipose tissue in the body.  Some is necessary for life though too much is harmful & unattractive.

Body Mass Index (BMI) – Something very old and outdated, needs to be revised.  Its intention is to record the normalcy of one’s height to weight ratio.  If termed undesirable then one has a higher risk of cardiovascular disease or type II diabetes.  Though some may have a high BMI due to a decent amount of muscle mass, and they should not worry.  For example 180lb. Male standing 5’8, lean and strong should not panic or lose 30 lbs of muscle mass because the BMI chart says he’s at High Risk for Cardiovascular Disease.

Cute – means that the one has a particular physical feature which is appreciated, physically speaking.

Fine – implying that there is a considerable attraction for the person this adjective is directed.

Strength Info – Wisdom Words

Handsome – implying that the man is attractive in a masculine way, usually in a witty way too.

Hot – Something of great desirability.  Easily lusted for.  

Muscle – amount of skeletal muscle tissue in the body.  A good amount is healthy for you, though too much may require the body to intake lots of complete proteins to maintain muscle mass, which puts the body in a more acidic state, and therefore makes one more susceptible to cancer.

Plump – usually refers to a woman’s physical make-up.  A male will make this remark when he favors the woman’s physical body-shape, where her body is at the exact thickness and curvature at each of her body part’s contour in which he most appreciates.  Similar to thick, though plump, makes reference to a more detailed observation of appreciation.

Pretty – means that a woman is considered moderately attractive in the opinion of the male making the comment.
Ripped – Refers to the amount of definition one has.  Exp.  Yo man, you’s ripped my brother, check out those guns’ and abs a Steel.

Sexy – the particular person is irressitabley attractive by instinctive nature.

Smokin – is where one cannot physically take their eyes off the one they are attracted to, unless they start crying inside like a crybaby.

Thick – Is used for both genders.  Males – means he’s got a hunk of a body, usually referring to a man’s broad shoulders, arms, chest, and strong legs.  Females – means she’s got curves that melt off her like honey, usually when a male checks a females top, hips, gluteal fold, and legs.

Slammin – usually refers to women.  When a male is peaking with aggressiveness in his testosteroneness, while gazing at female of his liking.

Waist to Hip Ratio – Is the ratio of one’s waist to hip.  The main intention of this test is to note if one has a higher chance of cardiovascular disease.  Men with a waist of 40 in. or greater and women with a waist of 35 in. or greater are generally noted as having a higher chance of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.