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Most Influential Fitness Gurus


In the middle to late 1800’s, some very smart men, began exercising with weights, to build their bodies strong and attractive.  Many of these men sensed the radical movement of technology being slowly incorporated into the everyday person’s lifestyle.  These smart men proceeded to educate those around them and the mass media about the benefits of their type of exercising.  Their type of exercise training is known today as strength training. 
Before the 1980’s, strength training was commonly stero-typed as a form of exercise done by those known as,“Hardcore gym rats”.  Hardcore gym rat or not, through the years it has remained very obvious that those who strength train have a much greater competitive advantage when competing in most any athletic events, requiring some strength, when compared to those who do not strength train.  Strength training has increased dramatically in popularity, among the mass media since the 1980’s, in America.  Many of today’s most attractive movie stars, regularly strength train, at a gym.  Strength training is also advocated by doctors of most any discipline, and is regarded as a vital component to one’s overall health.    Strength training progresses one’s optimal fitness level including such things like lean body mass, fat free mass, overall positive attitude, balance, coordination, and reaction time, just to name a few.  Strength training also creates a physical body to have a much more toned, muscularly fit physical shaping. This nice body shaping brings to life, a much higher sex appeal attraction, to the naked eye of most anyone by instinctive nature, without question.  Strength training is coined, as an integral component, of one’s health.


NaturalBodyMan’s Inspirational Fitness Gurus


Dan Kris Kyle – 45 years old, been through 4 spinal sugerys, lost 52 lbs through swimming, walking, spiritual activity, & exercise.  Finds inspiration through nature, and no matter how much pain he’s in “I believe through effort, that I can better myself daily.”  Was a volleyball player in professional ranks then injured.  His goal to get back to the best he can.  

Scott J. Herman –  Wellness expert chiropractor, past champion bodybuilder.
Patrick Jacobs – Strength and Conditioning Professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Everett Sinderoff – Mr. 1946 U.S.A.

Strength Info – Most Influential Fitness Guru’s


Historical Fitness Gurus


John Kellogg, 1852-1943

Bernarr Macfadden, 1868-1955
Eugen Sandow, 1867-1925
Joseph Pilates, 1880-1967
Joe Bonomo, 1901-1978

Jack Lalane, 1922-2011
Joe Gold, 1922-2004
Joe Weider, 1922-Present
  Arthur Jones, 1926-2007
Steeve Reeves, 1926-2000
Richard Berger, Late 1920’s-Present
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1947-Present
Richard Simmons, 1948-Present
  Bill Phillips, 1964-Present