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Spiritual Gatherings

Our Mission:  To enhance our lives together through a Healthier Lifestyle: Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, & Physically.

Meetings – Sunday 6:15 p.m./ For location & more information, call Chris (954) 304-3922.

The Actions
The purpose of our actions is to kick our bad habit’s butt.  When doing so, we will attain a higher purpose, while bringing to life our best character traits.  Each of us has our own individual path.  It is advised to work together practicing the actions, using originality and creativity.
1.    Acknowledge the bad habit that is kicking my butt.
2.    Ask for help through a higher positive energy source, myself, and others.
3.    Replace the bad habit with a positive outlet.
4.    Reward myself.
5.    Continue practicing actions of vigilance to progress with instinctual good habits.
Principles of Actions:
1.   Awareness, Honesty
2.   Willingness, Humility, & Open Mindedness
3.   Purity, Courage, & Action
4.   Gratitude, Happiness
5.   Perseverance, Service
And any other good character traits that makes a bigger you.
The Gifts
Who we are depends upon our instinctual habits.  When putting our health first, we will embark an all powerful freedom and happiness beyond our imagination.  Our past mistakes will be the stepping stones to a positive new future.  We will see how our similarities and differences can benefit each other.  We are learning how to deal with situations better than before.  Breaking a bad habit is just one of our new freedoms.  Being of good character and helpful service, we will attract the desires of our heart.  Our higher Positive Energy is always giving us the opportunity for the peace and strength we seek.
Positive Energy Prayer
Positive Energy, pure, strong, & glorious are You.  Share with us, your everlasting peace and strength, we seek…... Thank you.  Pure, Strong, & Glorious are You.