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Low Sugar Vegetables

Bell Peppers Broccoli Cabbage

Garlic Romaine Lettuce Mushrooms

Salsa Celery



Medium Sugar Vegetables
Onions Beans Baked Potato
Squash Sweet Potato  
High Sugar Vegetables

Carrots Peas


Low Sugar Fruits

Apple Blackberries Blueberries

Lemons Limes Raspberries
Cantaloupe Grapefruit  
Medium  & High Sugar Fruits
Banana Mango Orange
Strawberry Tomato Watermelon
Papaya Pineapple Orange
Pear Nectarine Papaya
Peach Plum  
Low Sugar Grains

Ezekiel Bread Kashi Cereals Old Fashioned Oatmeal
Medium & High Sugar Grains

Brown Rice White Rice Tortilla (wheat)
Tortilla (white) Grits White Bread



Eggs Salmon Tilapia

Chicken Beans Turkey

Milk Tuna Dolphin
Yogurt Cottage Cheese  
Weight Loss Fats

Almonds Avocados Canola Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unsalted Peanuts Peanut Oil

Sunflower seeds

Feta Cheese

Fish Oil

Light Salad Dressings

Balsamic Vinaigrette Italian Olive Oil

Raspberry Vinaigrette Vinegar  




Lactose Free Organic Rice/ Almond Milk.

Orange Juice

Natural Performance Enhancers

Juice Plus Honey Eggs
Peanuts Olive Oil Sugar
Beans  White Rice Fish Oil
My Best Bad Foods: 
All Natural Peanut Butter Low Fat Chocolate Ice Cream Yogurt Popcorn w/o Salt/Butter & Lots of Hot Peppers
Misc Food Links

World's Healthiest foods by Whole foods


Benefits of Grass Fed  Beef


Healthy Shake of the Month: Super Chocolate Nutty Shake


16 oz. of water, 2 cups of ice, 12 oz. Lactose Free Milk, 1 tbspn.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 20 Peanuts, & 1 Banana


Note:  These foods are just the favorite foods of NaturalBodyMan to eat on a regular basis.  These foods are not meant as a medical advice.  The information on this website should not be used to diagnose or treat any disease, illness, metabolic disorder, or other health problem.  Always consult your physician or health care provider before beginning any nutrition or exercise program.  Use of the information of this website is to the sole choice and risk of the reader.